Rivers makes first playoff start in shadow of Brady’s success

From Yahoo!

SAN DIEGO (AP) — Philip Rivers would love to be just like Tom Brady.

Seriously, who wouldn’t want to win a Super Bowl in his first season as a starting quarterback, then add on a couple more? That’s what Brady did in compiling his gaudy 11-1 postseason record.

For Rivers to follow that path, he and his San Diego Chargers will have to beat the playoff-seasoned New England Patriots on Sunday in a divisional-round game at Qualcomm Stadium.

“Obviously I understand it, as all quarterbacks do, that you have a won-loss record attached to your name,” Rivers said Wednesday. “I don’t want to do it for me. I want to do it for us.”

Hodge traded to the Bucks.

From ESPN:

The Denver Nuggets need some breathing space from luxury-tax territory. The Milwaukee Bucks need backcourt scoring to counter their injury crisis.

That’s why the teams, according to NBA front-office sources, are combining on a trade featuring Earl Boykins that will be announced later Thursday.

Now 10 games into the Allen Iverson Era, Denver has agreed to send Boykins and little-used guard Julius Hodge to the Bucks for guard Steve Blake.

Friday Afternoon Rant

Effective January 1st, our new company health insurance policy through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee went into effect.  Incidentally, the premiums went up.  The only real effect this had on me is that my paycheck is now a few dollars smaller than it was previously. 

Insurance is a racket, and consequently it is one of the many reasons why I’m not a democrat.  Let me ellaborate for those of you that could care less.

The basic socioeconomic principles of the democratic party are based entirely on socialism; there’s no dispute about that, right?  We all agree that democrats fundamentally believe that society as a whole has a duty to share the burden of individuals. 

Here’s why I have a problem with that.

Insurance has premiums and it has co-pays.  For a higher premium you can get a lower co-pay.  Group insurance policies all have standard co-pays and fairly standard tiered rates. 

My premium went up, although I haven’t been to a doctor in 10 years.  I don’t even have a doctor.  My co-pay remained the same.

Why do I have a problem with this?  Because I’m paying more for insurance that I do not use while taking some of the burden off of those people that visit their doctor every time they sneeze.  The co-pay doesn’t affect people like me, but the premium does.

Rising healthcare costs lead directly to rising insurance costs while premiums and co-pays offset these costs for insurers.  As a republican, I believe that instead of raising the premiums, the insurance companies should raise the co-pay.  In effect, this would ensure that the ones using the insurance handled the majority of the burden for their insurance costs rather than myself, a healthy young individual that hasn’t had any use for insurance since high school.   

I blame John Edwards and Jacob Crawford.

Football Jesus to Pro Bowl!

As his first year as the starting QB for the Chargers Philip Rivers was selected as one of the three AFC QB’s.

From the NFL.com…

(Dec. 19, 2006) — The San Diego Chargers will power the American Football Conference’s 2007 Pro Bowl squad with a conference-high nine players — the most in franchise history — when the AFC faces the National Football Conference All-Stars, the NFL announced today. The game will be played on Saturday, February 10, in Honolulu, Hawaii (CBS, 6 p..m. ET).

Nine members of the AFC roster are first-time All-Stars, including Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers, in his first year as a starter, and three of his San Diego teammates. The Chargers own the conference’s best record at 12-2.

Down Goes Tomlinson! Down Goes Tomlinson

The Miracle on Ice. Douglas over Tyson. Now we have S-One-Dub over the Wagoneers.

In an upset that can only be described as miraculous, LT has been eliminated from Fantasy Championship contention. The S1W all-stars were able to overcome a strong showing by the league’s TD leader on the strength of Peyton Manning’s right arm. When reached for comment, S1W coach J. McGinnis summed it up best:

“Fu@k LT.”

Tuesday Random

Random observations by someone who wasn’t there:

I feel a little better about myself when I see pictures of Worm’s fat ass.

Chic holding a budweiser.  I assume for Shawn.  “Merry Christmas from the family, ya’ll!”

Ashley getting the Coors Light.  That was truly an ingenious gift.

Gary, Shawn, Worm, and Jacob all in the same picture.  That’s a lot of chins.

Ben is smaller than Jacob.  Insert worn-out joke here.

Worm with all his “hoes.” 

Ben with the cut off sleeves.  I heard the story, but what I don’t see is the blood from Lizzy’s exploding head all over the white kitchen cabinets.