3 thoughts on “Thank you LT.”

  1. thank god you scored more points than ben so we dont have to hear his incessant “i’d be the champ if we did total points instead of head-to-head” babble.

  2. All the reports out of Cary indicate that I will be retained as the coach of my fake football team next season, which prompts outrage from myself.

    I finished 5-9 on the season after a 2-0 start. However, compared with my freefall to the same record in ESPN after a 3-0 dominating start, I look like a decent coach.

    While I made some early season moves that I felt would put me at the top of the league (these proved largely a complete disaster), I also dealt with injuries to Stallworth and Horn, as well as Tiki’s lack of touchdown production and Lamont Jordan showing up MIA.

    As my season looked to spiral out of control and just as my own confidence in myself waned, and I began to think about possible replacements for myself, I made another dreadful and desperate move by trading away Peyton Manning, Marcus Jones-Drew, and Hines Ward for Carson Palmer, Willis McGahee, and Joey Galloway. But somehow I managed to stumble upon success from that trade.

    And while I failed as a coach, often leaving 20 to 30 points on the bench weekly, I have full confidence that with my returning talent and my high draft status, I can fully expect to return from my one year haitus form the playoffs and emerge as a championship contender in 2007.

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