In 2006 Chuck Amato managed to out-coach exactly 3 men:
Jerry Moore
Tom O’Brien
Bobby Bowden

I’m no Athletic Director, but it would seem that in finding a replacement for Amato, we wouldn’t want to look for someone that he was actually capable of beating.


10 thoughts on “WTF?!?!?!?!”

  1. I don’t hate Tom O’Brien. And really, saying that Amato “Out-coached” somebody would actually validate Chucky as a coach, instead of a clown that we all know that he really is. He’s no coach, he’s an ass-clown. I thought you knew that?

  2. I wouldn’t call a Daniel Evans hail mary outcoaching. Chuck, to my knowledge, didn’t outcoach anyone but himself in 7 years. Not a slap at Chuck, just the truth.

  3. I”m using the term “coaching” very lightly. On that day Chuck fielded a team that was capable of beating Tom O’Brien’s team. That’s about as far as it goes.

  4. I’ll take his “outcoached” 9-3 season over our 3-9 season period. If he gets us three 9-3 seasons in a row he’ll be a hero around here.

  5. You guys are exactly what’s wrong with this program. Maybe if this blog was posted out in the parking lot with the tailgater you’d be able to see it.

  6. De Nile is not just a strip club in Jersey. “You people” are just upset b/c your money went towards building Chucky’s “Dream Program”. That makes you accomplices.

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