Section 30’s Official Stance on Wolfpack Coach Chuck Amato

After much deliberation and intoxication, we here at Section 30 are ready to weigh-in on the “internet rumors” of Chuck Amato being on the “hot seat.” We here at Section 30 strenuously object to the heating of Coach Amato’s seat. Coach Amato’s performance over the past 3 years in no way warrants a “hot” seat.

Here at Section 30, we feel that Chuck’s seat status be immediately changed from “hot” to “empty.”

For the sake our program, our nerves, and our unrelenting desire to make it through a football game with cursing the heavens, we feel that Chuck Amato should be removed from his position as head coach of the NC State Wolfpack and resume his position as spokesperson/figurehead of the McDonald’s fast food restaurant chain.

-Section 30

Dear Chuck

Hi Chuck, it’s me, Worm, from Section 30 Row Y Seat 5 (and 6).

That doesn’t ring a bell? I’m one of the kids that have bought season tickets the last four years and given what I could to the Wolfpack Club to help build that palace of an office or allow you to cruise around in that flashy Corvette?

Still don’t remember me? I’m one of those two skinny kids that drove down from Charlotte to Clemson and back to watch us handle the Tiggers on a Thursday night and get to 9-0. I’ve been to 3 of your 5 bowl games, including the one last year we really didn’t deserve.

Didn’t help? I’m one of the three not-quite-as-skinny kids that drove down to Atlanta and fell asleep in the stands while your team laid an egg in Bobby Dodd in 2003.
Memory still a little fuzzy? I’m one of “you people”.

I thought that would do it. How have you been? I can’t say I’m pleased with how things have gone for the Pack this year. Or last year. Or even the one before that. What’s going on up there in the Capital City? Things haven’t been good since Young Man Rivers left. Under your tutelage he went from being nothing to one of the best quarterbacks in the world. Just look at him now! He’s taken your teachings to the next level and now Peter King can’t stay off of his jock.

Now Coach, I know this isn’t all your fault. You’ve faced a lot of challenges in the past few years. First of all, how could the team concentrate at practice with all of that construction going on with the new stadium “improvements.”

Some of the blame has to go to the assistant coaches, right? Is it your fault they can’t handle the pressure and run away at any sign of turmoil? Is it your fault that we’ve had 4 different OC’s in the past 7 years? Or 3 different defensive coordinators? No way. Who needs them if they’re just going to shrink in the face of adversity.

And what about the players? I figure they have to take a big portion of the blame. Look at Mario, Manny, and McCargo all getting drafted in the first round of the draft. They must’ve been saving themselves for the season as a way to stay fresh for the draft combine. They sure weren’t that good wearing the Red and White. And what about these quarterbacks? I mean, you made Rivers into what he is, but the Davises, Stones and Evanses have just simply let you down. They obviously have talent, you wouldn’t have recruited them otherwise, would you?

And don’t even get me started on those UNC refs and those ticky-tack penalties. I mean, there’s holding on every play, but it only gets called on us. I guess Mr Swofford has just got it in for us.
I know, I know, wait until next year. I’m stoked. I’ve been reading on PackPride about the killer recruiting class we’ve got coming in next year. That receiver Soandso and that defensive back Whatshisname are just what we need to turn the corner. The O-Line and Linebacking corp seem to be a little thin, but I’m sure you’ll be able to switch over some of those washed up D linemen or convert a running back or two.

Keep up the good work Chuck and keep reeling in those 3 star players! All the best against ECU!!!


Week 9

And we’re off:

St Louis -2 over Kansas City

Cincinnati +3 over Baltimore

NY Giants -13 over Houston

Jacksonville -10 over Tennessee

Dallas -3 over Washington

Green Bay +3.5 over Buffalo

New Orleans -1 over Tampa

Detroit +5.5 over Atlanta

Chicago -13.5 over Miami

San Francisco +5 over Minnesota

San Diego -12.5 over Cleveland

Denver +3 over Pittsburgh

Indy +3 over New England

Seattle -7 over Oakland

Locks of the Week: Take the Cowboys, Giants, and the Chargers

Week Ocho

Nice week last week. Really turned it around. Instead of a steady decline, I’m now in a full-fleged, five alarm nose dive. Time to pull up before I end up in the afterlife singing “Take Me Home Country Roads” with John Fucking Denver.

Tennessee -3 over Houston: Would’ve loved to have seen the look on the faces of the CBS announcers that got stuck with this stinker.

Philly -7 over Jax:  Got a feeling Jim Johnson is going to call blitzes until he’s blue in the face.

Cincinnati – 4 over Atlanta: Atlanta can’t stop anyone either. This game may end up being a shootout, although I think Vick used up a season’s worth of completions last Sunday.

Tampa +9 over NYG: Something interesting is going on in Tampa. The defense is really stepping it up and Gradowski is doing just enough.

Chicago -16 over San Francisco: Shouldn’t even be close. This could finally be the Sunday when someone actually get’s their head taken off on the field.

Green Bay -3.5 over Arizona: The Cardinals are in more of a tailspin than my picks.

Kansas City -6 over Seattle: Good opportunity for the Chefs in this one. Seneca+Maurice+Arrowhead= Blood in the Water

Nawlins -2 over Baltlimore: Not picking against the Saints in the Dome until I get a good reason.

St Louis -9.5 over San Diego: Make no mistake, the Football Jesus will prove victorious, but the Rams shouldn’t be giving 9 to anyone, especially a banged/juiced up Chargers’ defense.

Pittsburgh -8.5 over Oakland: Pittsburgh is living and dying with quarterback play. If Big Ben is ready the Steelers will roll.

NY Jets +2.5 over Cleveland: Leon Washington (the last living Seminole) should have a field day against a craptastic Browns run defense.

Indianapolis +3 over Denver: Denver’s defense has been stout as of late, but I’m not sure how they’ll react to not playing in prime time.

Dallas +5 over Carolina: Panther’s might be the worst team in the league as a home favorite. I think they win, but this will be closer than it should be.

New England -1.5 over Minnesota: I’d like to pick Minnesota, but the Pats are cruising right along. Just like me after this week.

10 Star Locks of the Week: Kansas City, NY Jets, and New Orleans

Week 7

I’m totally shocked by last week.  At 3:30 I was cruising.  My picks were looking good and my 2 team parlay was looking sharp.  By 4:15 the Eagles, Bengals, and Rams has all shit the bed and my account balance had hit $0.00.  Only solution I can come up with is that I’m out-thinking myself.  This week, I’m going with my gut first impression.  Here it is, for your edification:

San Diego -5 over Kansas City.  Football Jesus

Jacksonville -9.5 over Houston.  Houston’s really bad defense

Buffalo +5.5 over New England.  No one circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills

Pittsburgh -2.5 over Atlanta.  Atlanta’s banged up defense.

Green Bay +5 over Miami .  Favre > Harrington

Philidelphia -5 over Tampa.   Two in a row is pushing it.  For both teams.

NY Jets -3.5 over Detroit.   Gotta fade Kitna.

Carolina +3.5 over Cincinnati.  The Panthers have covered 18 of the last 21 as a dog.

Cleveland +4.5 over Denver.  Denver’s begging for someone to beat them.

Washington +9 over Indy.  That Indy run defense.

Seattle -6.5 over Minnesota.  Offense looked good last week.

Arizona -3 over Oakland.  Oakland sucks.

Dallas -3 over NY Giants:  TO on Monday Night

Week 6 Picks A.K.A. Locktober Week 2

Slow start to Locktober, but at least we didn’t finish in the red.  After this week we’ll be back to .500 for the season and we’ll be ready to start making some real money.  Onto this weeks winners:

Cincinnati -6 over Tampa Bay:  The Bengals had an off week last and that should give them more than enough time to prepare for the Bruce Gradkowski.
Washington -9.5 over Tennessee:  The Skins should get back on track this week as the Titans came back to earth.  The Titans won’t be able to move the ball as well this week as they did against the Indianapolis High School Colts.

Dallas -13 over Houston:  Dallas rebounds against an atrocious Houston team and Drew Bledsoe buys himself a few more weeks as starter.
Buffalo pk over Detroit:  Losman…Kitna…It’s the NFL on Fox!  The nation’s suicide rate doubles during this game.

St. Louis +3.5 over Seattle:  I’m still not sold on the Seadogs.  The Rams are quietly playing well, opposed to last year when they were sucking loudly.

Atlanta -2.5 over New York Giants:  I think the Giants defense gets exposed this week.  Just about the same time another Giant insults their manager.

Philadelphia -3 over Nawlins:  Lock of the week.  I just don’t understand this line at all.  New Orleans has one good win this season, and that was in probably the most emotional game in NFL since Joe Namath tried to make out with Suzy Kolber.  Otherwise, they’ve beat the Browns and the Bucs.  Let me repeat, they’ve beat Vick, Frye, and Gradkowski.  Not exactly murderer’s row.  Take the Eagles in a rout.

Carolina +2.5 over Baltimore:  This should be an interesting game.  I don’t think the Ravens are good enough to score against the Panthers.  One a side note, I can only thank God that this game is being played in Baltimore.  I don’t think there are enough deadbolt locks in the Queen City to make me feel safe knowing Ray Lewis was in town.

NY Jets -2.5 over Miami:  Who’s got the worse luck, Culpepper or Harrington?  Culpepper loses Moss and is exposed as a fraud.  Harrington signs with Miami as a back up thinking he’ll never have to be booed again and is now thrust into the line up.

San Diego -10 over San Francisco:  Until further notice, don’t bet against the Chargers.  Never.  Take them to win during their off week.

Kansas City +7 over Pittsburgh:  Roethlisberger is done.  DONE.  Mark my words, Charlie Batch will be starting for this team at the end of the season.

Oakland +16 over Denver:  Oakland puts it together sooner or later.  It starts with them losing a close one to a good team.

Chicago -10 over Arizona:  This one’s for Ben.

Locks of the Week:  Take the Jets and the Eagles.  Don’t sweat it at all.  If you have any extra cash at all, take this parlay.  Do yourself a favor.

Week 5 Picks A.K.A. Welcome to Locktober

Indy – 18 over Tennessee

NYG – 5 over Washington

Carolina -7 over Cleveland

Minnesota -6 over Detroit

Nawlins -4 over Tampa

St. Louis -3 over Green Bay

Miami +9 over New England

Buffalo +10 over Chicago

NY Jets +6 over Jaxsonville

Arizona +3 over Kansas City

San Fran -3 over Oakland

Philly -2 over Dallas

San Diego -3 over Pittsburgh

Baltimore +4 over Denver

Locks of the Week: San Diego and St. Louis