Down Goes Tomlinson! Down Goes Tomlinson

The Miracle on Ice. Douglas over Tyson. Now we have S-One-Dub over the Wagoneers.

In an upset that can only be described as miraculous, LT has been eliminated from Fantasy Championship contention. The S1W all-stars were able to overcome a strong showing by the league’s TD leader on the strength of Peyton Manning’s right arm. When reached for comment, S1W coach J. McGinnis summed it up best:

“Fu@k LT.”

One thought on “Down Goes Tomlinson! Down Goes Tomlinson”

  1. What more can be said. LT let the rest of his Wagoneers team down by only scoring 2 TD’s this week, a 3rd and it might have been enough. The Wagoneers WR’s are still presumed alive even though they’ve been missing since week 1 and haven’t been heard of since.

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