Checking in Week 9

Because Ben is a slack ass…

Grading Slim:

St Louis -2 over Kansas City  (0-1-0)
APB on Torry Holt.

Cincinnati +3 over Baltimore  (1-1-0)
Palmer is the starting QB of a certain 2-7 fantasy team; you should know better.

NY Giants -13 over Houston  (1-2-0)
Mario with the fade away!! 

Jacksonville -10 over Tennessee (2-2-0)
I’ve hated Garrard since 1999. 

Dallas -3 over Washington   (2-2-1)
Bonehead personal foul and good hustle pushed this one.

Green Bay +3.5 over Buffalo   (2-3-1)
Imagine that: McGahee out indefinitely.  Bet you can’t guess who has him.

New Orleans -1 over Tampa   (2-4-1)
When will people quit picking against Nawlins?

Detroit +5.5 over Atlanta   (3-4-1)
Vick is obviously the greatest QB ever.  Tremendous knee control. 

Chicago -13.5 over Miami   (3-5-1)
Dude in our actually office got this one right in a vendor pool (he forgot to fill out his form and in that case, it defaults to the visiting team as the pick)

San Francisco +5 over Minnesota  (4-5-1)
Has anyone else noticed that the Scandinavians left the bitter cold climate for a more bitter cold climate? 

San Diego -12.5 over Cleveland  (4-6-1)
If the Bolts either lose or don’t cover, Football Jesus has His reasons and who are we, mere mortals, to question Him?

Denver +3 over Pittsburgh   (4-7-1)
I hope they run that sorry-assed bum Cowher out of Pittsburgh; what a loser.

Indy +3 over New England   (4-8-1)
That’s it, pick against Peyton before Thanksgiving.

Seattle -7 over Oakland   (5-8-1)
I think -7 was the Nielson Rating on this one.

Locks of the Week: Take the Cowboys, Giants, and the Chargers
Wrong.  Wrong.  Wrong. 

Season: 54-71-5

Grading Xiang Cha Pang Wa:

Chiefs at Rams (-2.5)   (1-0-0)

Bungals (+3) at Ravens   (2-0-0)

Giants (-13) at Texans   (2-1-0)

Titans (+9.5) at Jags   (3-1-0)

Cowgirls (-3) at Skins   (3-1-1)

Packers (+3) at Bills   (3-2-1)

Ain’ts (-1) at Bucs   (4-2-1)

Lions (+5.5) at Falcons   (4-3-1)

Bears (-13.5) at Dolphines  (5-3-1)

Vikings at 49ers (+5)   (6-3-1)

Browns at Bolts (-12.5)   (6-4-1)

Broncos at Steelers (-3)  (7-4-1)

Colts (+3) at Pats   (7-5-1)

Raiders (+7.5) at Seahawks  (7-6-1)

I couldn’t find the Mandarin keys on my keyboard, so I was unable to comment on any of these. 

Alvin beat Worm. 

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