Football is almost here….

So I found this the other day and thought I’d post it up for a look back at how we used to do things during football season, you know, before we got old.


Its almost time. The hot summer days of 100% humidity are coming to a close. The boring days of summer and baseball are drawing to an end. The days of waiting and anticipation are becoming a distant memory. Yes, its almost fall, its almost time.

Its almost time to wake up at 6am and make the run to Bojangles. Arriving at the Fair Grounds before most are awake and having the greatest breakfast of all, biscuits and beer.

Its almost time to watch the sun rise and the sky fill with Wolfpack Red as we begin to set up for the day of tailgating that will ensue. Tapping the keg, getting out the cooler filled with some kind of girly drink and the liquor for later, lighting the grill, saving parking spaces (for those people who are always late, you know who you are) and getting ready to spend the rest of the day with great friends.

Its almost time to block the road whenever the few cars which are daring enough to fly the visiting teams flag to try and make their way through. Do you see a car? I sure dont.

Its almost time to make the seemingly mile long walk to the bathrooms so you dont have to wait legs crossed in line for 30 minutes to use the port-o-johns. It wouldnt be so bad if you didnt have to go there every five minutes because the keg is paid for and it must get drunk. Im sure somebody still hasnt paid for drinking yet.

Its almost time to eat so much food that you cant move and the walk to the bathrooms is even more daunting than before. But even though you cant possibly eat anything else those homemade cookies are just calling your name and you cant resist.

Its almost time to gather the troops and make the march into the stadium. Making sure that everyone has their ticket and leaving enough time so that you can find extra tickets for those that get lost and allowing everyone to grab one last beer for the walk while still making it to the stadium with time to spare.

Its almost time to try and sneak in as many airplane bottles of liquor as you can fit in any secret hiding place on your body. Secretly mixing drinks away from the view of the cameras so you can get even more plastered than you are to keep warm as the sun begins to set.

Its almost time to rise at the first glimmer of a player making his way down the tunnel. Jumping up and down on the bleachers getting louder and louder as the smoke fills the tunnel and the fireworks go off as the players make their way onto the field.

Its almost time to sing the fight song 500 times and never getting tired of it. Every time you sing you make sure to say GO TO HELL CAROLINA, or thats the only part that you know (you know who you are).

Its almost time to high 5 everyone possible each time that the Pack scores. Just watch out for a certain someone who gets a bit drunk and tries to make sure you loose all feeling in your hand each time its smacked.

Its almost time to stand on the metal bleachers for 5 hours straight cheering for every play, offence and defense. The only time you sit down is during half time and when you collapse from exhaustion as the game comes to an end.

Its almost time to stumble back to the cars, trying not to sprain a cankle, trying to remember where you parked, and finish off any food and beer that still happens to be left.

Yes, its almost time, its almost time for FOOTBALL! Another football season is upon us and were going to do it right again. The first game is less than 10 days away and were starting to get organized. If you are interested in tailgating with us this season let us know.

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