Bored on a Wednesday…

The Miami Heat finished off Dallas last night in the NBA Finals. I didn’t watch the game at all so I’m not sure what happened, but I did hear that Wade played well. Guess it’s Shaq riding Wade’s coattails these days, and not the other way around like most figured it would be.

England managed to tie Sweden yesterday in their final group match which gave them the top spot in the group. England was up 2-1, but giving up a goal in the 90th minute put an end to that. I hope they don’t have to play again because England is unable to beat Sweden. England did lose Owen for the rest of the World Cup to a torn ACL, but he wasn’t playing very well, and Rooney is back so it shouldn’t have much of an effect, I hope. If you’re at all interested in the World Cup, or you’re just bored and want to read something funny check out Michael Davies’ World Cup Blog.

I went to the Carolina Hurricanes Stanley Cup Parade at the RBC center last night (Pictures). It was actually better than I though it would be. Just like a giant Alive After 5 really. Plus, any time you get to drink beer in public, and you get free stuff, you’re never going to have a bad time. My new favorite player is Mike Commodore because of this:

Any player who is drinking during the parade is cool by me. You can also follow the Stanley Cup around here while it’s in the Hurricanes possession for the next year if you’re interested.

In NC State news, Sidney Lowe got his degree and has passed the NCAA recruiting test, so he is officially our new head basketball coach. Can you feel the excitement? Larry Davis and Dan Werner definitely can. So much in fact that they bolted to Seaton Hall and Florida respectively. Would have been nice if Cedric Simmons stuck around for another year but now that he is a probably lock for the lottery you cant blame him for leaving.

And lastly, something funny for all you Charlotte people.

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  1. Commodore’s quote onstage [paraphrase]: “I got to bed around 7:30 this morning. We had a pretty fun party I think…from what I remember.”

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