Wednesday Random

 “Little Chris thought he’d never play at Littlejohn. To see him is to know why. Chris Poole, a former guard at Raleigh’s Broughton High, weighs 160 pounds and stands what he calls ‘a generous 5-9.'”

Now he’s a senior walk-on at Clemson, living his dream.  But what Poole does more than anything is stand as proof that State does not, indeed, have the market on short, slow white boys with no talent.

“Poole played point guard for the university’s intramural champion. His team went on win the South Carolina intramural title and reached the national final. Poole made the all-tournament team.

This summer, he worked out at Broughton’s gym with other Broughton graduates who knew ACC basketball. His mentor was Will Roach, a former N.C. State walk-on who earned a scholarship…[and] Braxton Albritton, a [current] State walk-on. Occasionally, Poole worked with [longtime Duke underachiever] Shavlik Randolph, his former Broughton teammate who’s now with the Philadelphia 76ers.”

What a remarkable story.  And to think, he could be playing significant minutes for the Pack this season.  How did we let this kid get out of Raleigh? 

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Random”

  1. What Dr Bentley failed to mention was that this kid’s granddad was a former President of Klempson and his dad was on the football team there.

    Not your average 5’9″ kid making the team as a walk-on…

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