Doc’s Week 11 Picks

I’m dedicating this week’s picks to my good friend Buck over at Statefans Nation.  My picks are in bold; the home team will be the one after the word “at,” just in case that is confusing for any of you.

Ohio state and Michigan play this week?!?!  Where have I been?  Why hasn’t there been any coverage of this?  Isn’t this like a really big game or something? 

Oakland at Kansas City (-10)
No way the Raiders cover two weeks in a row.

Indianapolis (-1.5) at Dallas
I know they had that huge win in Tempe last week, but Dallas can’t win two in a row and they won’t cover either.

Cincinnati at Saints (-3.5)
Brees & Co. should beware.  The Bengals faced FJ last week; after that, this game should be a Brees.  (I didn’t even force that either, just came to me.)

Pittsburgh (-3.5) at Cleveland
Since all the Cleveland fans will likely be dead or arrested after Saturday’s game in Columbus, the home field advantage won’t help much here. 

Tennessee at Philadelphia (-13)
Just keep throwing it to Stallworth, my new keeper!!  Eagles roll.

Atlanta at Baltimore (-4)
Looks like Ray Lewis is out, so Dunn might be able to run more effectively to set up the pass for the greatest QB in the history of football to complete 34% of his passes.

St Louis at Carolina (-6.5)
I’m weary of the Cats for a second straight week.  This pits two great WRs.  The Rams cover because it’s back to being all about Kasay.

Buffalo at Houston (-2)
A-Train!!!!  Unfortunately, it won’t be enough.

New England (-5.5) at Green Bay
No way Brady loses three in a row.  And since Farve had no INTs last week, he’s even more due for a handful. 

Washington at Tampa Bay (-3.5)
Campbell versus Gradkowski.  NFL excitement!

Chicago (-6.5) at Jets
Ok, Ben.  I’m listening to you.

Minnesota at Miami (-3.5)
Oh, the drama.  A once dominant QB in Minneapolis is now the washed-up backup in Miami…  There’s a 15-minute segment for NFL Countdown in here somewhere.  I really hope Stu Scott does it, too.   

Detroit at Arizona (-3.5)
Um…listen, I’m in a playoff race in ESPN.  I have Boldin and Edge.  Yes, I know I’m an idiot, that’s beside the point.  This is a good week for those two to help me out.  But I know that won’t happen, so Lions roll. 

Seattle (-4.5) at San Francisco
NFC West football.  Outstanding. 

San Diego at Denver (-2.5)
Did you ever know that you’re my Hero/And everything I would like to be/something something something/You are the wind beneath my wings.

Giants at Jacksonville (-3.5)
Fuck Brandon Jacobs.  Giants recover as Jax continues to slip.

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